Protect 2.33 2.0


AEG Power Solutions new 3-Phase out transformerless 10-80kVA UPS for Data & IT. The Protect 2.33 2.0 is a cost effective double conversion VFI SS-111 online UPS bringing all "State of Art" IGBT technology benefits to the customer. The Protect 2.33 2.0 is designed to protect small and medium size Data Centers, Telecommunication equipment and other power critical systems where power losses will have critical impact to your business. The 10-40kVA UPS allows to have a compact designed power protection with integrated batteries.



Key Features

» Online / double conversion technology with digital signal processor (DSP)control

» Advanced control with Adaptive Feed Forward Cancellation (AFC) technology for very low harmonic distortion
» Very low input current distortion (THDi <1 %)
» Input power factor 0.99 at 10 % load
» Output efficiency up to 95 %
» Space-saving compact design
» Front access makes maintenance and replacement easy
» Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads
» Variety of communication options available
» Over 60 % materials recyclable
» 5.7"/ 14.5 cm graphic LCD touch-screen panel design for easy-configuration

Download technical specifications in pdf format (436 KB)