Spark Call centre

“LanAr Service” LLC has extensive experience in designing and implementing of VoIP and Call Center solutions in various financial institutions of Armenia. Our product is based on the most popular platform in the world of telecommunications - Asterisk. Spark Call Center is implemented and tested in organizations such as:

  • Spyur LLC (about 7000 calls per day),
  • Yerevan Ambulance,
  • Electric Networks of Armenia.

Through the use of Asterisk as the core platform, our center has all features of the IP telephony, and since all the modules are developed by our company, it is easy to customize the product to meet all of the customer needs and integrate with any third-party products. The open architecture allows using of any interface equipment that meets the standards. Using SQL to store the call information allows creating reports of any complexity and detail.


Call Center Modules:

  • IP PBX - IP PBX is the base module which implements all the telephony specific features.
  • Call Centre Core - This is the main module of the system. Its implements all functionality of the incoming call supports.
  • Operator Console - Operator Console is the web interface for Call Centre operators.
  • Click2Call - is an application to your site, which provides visitors with a free voice communication with your office. Without leaving the site, the customer can make free voice calls to be routed according to your preferences. Application can process unlimited simultaneous calls.
  • Redundancy support - This module enables data synchronize with a second instance of the system and automatic switching between instances. Presence of this module provides a continuous operation of the system in case of physical failure of one of the servers.
  • Reporting - Using SQL to store the call information allows creating reports of any complexity. 
  • Outgoing Notifications Module - Outgoing Notification Module Includes the one common part – Notification Groups and 3 different sub-modules. Sub-modules are Outgoing Calls Module, Short Text Message Module and Mailing Module. The module common part allows creating, saving, loading and editing the Notification Groups.
  • Voice Mail - Voice Mail is used to leave a message if no one is answering your call. 
  • Call Recording - This module enabling PBX to record calls and adds an interface to access the records.
  • Conference service - This module allows creating an extension number that people can dial into in order to have a conference call.


Pay attention to the following projects:

  • Electric Networks of Armenia;
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia;
  • ArmEconomBank OJSC;
  • PanArmenian Bank OJSC;

Spark Call Center Presentation

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