About Company


ZPAS S.A. is a company of long history and tradition.The enterprise was set up in 1973 as a research branch of IASE, Wrocław based Experimental Institute for Power Industry Systems. In early 1980’s the company was part of CNPAE, Science and Production Centre for Power Industry Systems. After 1989 the company went on a way towards independence from the state management being privatised in late 1991.


Another breakthrough in the history of the company took place in June 2004 when ZPAS-NET company  came into existence. The newly created company took  over some of the production of the ZPAS company. The year of 2007 ushered in a new stage of development. These are wide spread investments in construction  of new production facilities, started back in 2006, as well as investments in implementation of INFOR ERP LN, a new software system.

Trade mark of ZPAS group is the mapping the new image of the company. Optically, it is typographic stylisation of the trade mark referring to connections, network, IT branch and electronic communication. The connection, apart from identifying ZPAS group with the branch, symbolises interaction within the group, interaction that is dynamic, flexible and open to development.



Sharing uniform objectives and philosophy of action ZPAS group integrates production offer of ZPAS and ZPAS-NET. The guiding principle of ZPAS emphasis values of the offered products as well as benefitscoming from them. These are partnership, technical support, good communication with the customer embracing first contact and delivery of order. In the same way we express our professional attitude towards our customers whose wishes we desire to meet.