Thin Client Solutions

Solutions based on thin client technology for educational institutions can make attainable the usage of modern technology at each workplace in the audience. In  schools all over the world are being introduced solutions based on thin client technology for the academic sector in order to enhance the ability for computer simulations, enlarge scopes and possibilities of control for teachers and administrators, increase the interest of students in education and simultaneously to help schools to stay within budget by reducing the overall costs on management and maintenance of the entire system.

  • Exemption of IT specialists from time-consuming tasks of deployment, management and improvement of system efficiency and productivity.
  • Better protection of sensitive data on students and teachers from viruses and other security threats.
  • Meeting the demand for specialized applications, overall reduction in the volume of the works on testing and deployment.
  • Operational allocation of computing power taking into account the need for them.
  • Centralized management and reliability of solutions based on thin client technology for the academic sector may reduce system downtime and the number of system failures.
  • Special prices for educational institutions

The solutions offered by Lanar Service can serve as a powerful tool of computing in the hands of teachers and students and may greatly improve the efficiency of educational process.