Educational institutions

Solutions for educational institutions

The quality of modern educational process is increasingly dependent on the level of information technologies used in schools and universites. It is very difficult to imagine the life of present-day students and pupils without a computer.  And this is natural - because in the twenty-first century the information begins to play a significant role in almost every aspect of human life. That is why the introduction of modern IT technologies in the learning process is a top priority all over the world. 


"Lanar Service" LLC offers a full range of ntegration services for educational institutions.

We provide:

  • Free consulting assistance,
  • Assistance in selection of the most optimal licensing programs,
  • Design and implementation services based on thin client technology,
  • Deployment of classrooms based on terminal access technologies, as well as OS-based Microsoft Multipoint Server 2010 technologythe,
  • Design and implementation of systems of audio/video conferencing for distance learning.