About us

"Lanar Service" LLC was founded in 2008. The company is a complex IT solution offering company including both the distribution of IT products (hard and soft), its installation, and the provision of continuous IT support services.


Our company is а distributor of «Molex PN», «ZPAS», «EFAPEL», «ЛАНИТ» and a partner of a number of leading IT companies such as «VMware», «HP», «Cisco», «NetApp», «Veeam», «Microsoft», «Symantec», «Red Hat», etc.


The experience and professionalism of our specialists allows Lanar Service to implement a wide range of solutions on the high-end levels.


That is why in short terms we have managed to earn the trust and loyalty of many key partners, both at the local and in foreign markets. In our website you can easily find the list of our main partners and projects, implemented and fulfilled by Lanar Service LLC.


Lanar Service retains its stable position on the IT market due to its individual approach to each client and high quality of our products and services. We do know how to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.  


Main directions:

1. Consulting, design, delivery and construction of Structured Cable Systems (SCS),

We offer a full range of solutions for building both internal and external computer, telephone and electricity networks. The company also provides information and technical support on SCS for installers and end users.

We offer;

  • Passive network equipment - Molex 
  • Trunkings and electrical equipment – EFAPEL
  • Cabinets and equipment for power engineering and industry -  ZPAS
  • Spiral overhead fittings, intended for suspension & repair of the overhead lines and earth wire – ЭлекроСетьСтройПроект 

2. Data Center and data storage and archiving solutions consulting, design and implementation.

We offer highly reliable server hardware, data storage systems, architectural and technical solutions, monitoring and control systems, physical protection of premises systems, fire suppression and climate control systems, software solutions. ( HP, Cisco Systems, NetApp, Symantec, VMware etc.)


3. System integration, automation and IT outsourcing

As a complete cycle system integrator company Lanar Service offers solutions for IT infrastructure of companies of business and public sector.

Particularly, we offer;

  • Delivery and implementation of information infrastructure management systems
  • Supply and implementation of IP Telephony and Call-Center solutions.
  • Delivery and implementation of ECM-systems and electronic document management systems (EDMS).
  • Audit, consulting, and maintenance support of full IT infrastructure of a customer.