ITK is a well-known Russian telecommunications equipment brand.

ITK is owned by one of the largest manufacturers of the Russian electrotechnical market - the IEK Corporate Group. Today ITK® equipment is used in a variety of up-market projects and it participates in the programs of reconstruction and renovation of the largest Russian companies’ IT systems.

Considering a wide range of ready-made solutions, ITK® products have a perfect balance between high quality and reasonable prices on the Russian market. ITK specialists perform all functions connected with projects – from the development to implementation of the project; they help to make correct requirements’ estimation, and find the appropriate equipment.

ITK storage and supply facility is located in Tula region.

Modern high-tech equipment allows to produce:

- IT cabinets and enclosures,
- power supply and monitoring equipment,
- SCS (Structured Cabling System) units,
- LAN-cable and tools.

The whole ITK® production meets Russian and world standards and undergoes detailed quality-control tests in accordance with all technological requirements.
ITK® provides an extended guarantee up to 10 years for the whole its production.

ITK® production advances:

  • Conformance to the world and Russian standards;
  • Reasonable price offer;
  • Absolute high quality;
  • High-tech manufacturing;
  • Compatible with the other brands’ equipment;
  • Perfect logistic system;
  • Excellent service;
  • Wide range of ready-made solutions.