DATACENTER UPS  - (10 - 1000 kVA)

  PROTECT 2.33 2.0    
    AEG Power Solutions new 3-Phase out transformerless 10-80kVA UPS for Data & IT. The Protect 2.33 2.0 is a cost effective double conversion VFI SS-111 online UPS bringing all "State of Art" IGBT technology benefits to the customer. The Protect 2.33 2.0 is designed to protect small and medium size Data Centers, Telecommunication equipment and other power critical systems where power losses will have critical impact to your business. The 10-40kVA UPS allows to have a compact designed power protection with integrated batteries.

PROTECT 4.33    

  The Protect 4. is a compact ready-to-install unit, with a maximum single unit capacity of 1000 kVA opens up completely new dimensions in protection. Whether used to protect computer centers, file servers, telecommunications or industrial processes, it delivers safety, reliability and N+1 redundancy for all of your systems.



The new UPS series Protect Blue by AEG Power Solutions offers a highly efficient UPS solution for large data centers and IT applications in power ranges up to 4 MVA.

Main advantages

  • Created for the future of power supply
  • Modular architecture, flexible performance and maximum redundancy
  • Highest efficiency during online operation



Protect 8.31 Однофазный выход   10 кВА – 120 кВА

Protect 8.33 Трехфазный выход   10 кВА – 120 кВА

Входное напряжение 400В переменного тока

Батарейное напряжение 220В постоянного тока

Модульный ”Building Block“ ИБП


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