MODULAR UPS  - (4 - 480 kVA)


A highly reliable and efficient 3-phase uninterruptible power supply. The compact modular design of Protect 1.M permits flexible increase of the UPS power up to 24kVA with 4kVA automatic contact hot-swappable modules, allowing the system to be extended during live operation. Each module provides an independent UPS with complete function and works independently from a central control unit.

Main advantages

  • Parallel operation
  • Modular structure
  • Intelligent control and monitoring

  PROTECT 3.M 2.0

The Protect 3.M 2.0 UPS protects your system against power supply problems e.g. power failure, surges, under voltage, non-linear distortions, voltage and frequency fluctuations. Parallel operation N+X technology allows for flexible adjustment of the power capacity of your UPS system at any time. The modular construction delivers active parallel redundancy and a high safety reservoir.