About Company

Who We Are

Established in 1978 and exclusively integrated by Portuguese capitals and investments, actually EFAPEL S.A. is a Portuguese company with a working team of almost 300 collaborators divided in 3 modern industrial units with a total surface area of 18.750 m2.

EFAPEL S.A. is certified in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standards (Quality Management System), NP EN ISO 14001 standards (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001 / NP 4397 standards (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).




 33 Years in Continuous Developement and Growth

We export to more than 45 countries World-wide and we are present in Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, Costa Rica Argentina, Chile, Peru, Angola, Cape Green, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and Iran, among others.


What We Do

We develop and manufacture high quality products to be used in low voltage electrical installations such as Flush Surface Mouting and Waterproof Devices, Technical Trunkings, Surrounding Sound System, DVI products (Data, Voive and Image) and Modular Protections and Devices for Electrical Panels.

Our Team of the Research, Development and Inoovations Department (RDI Department) dedicate its job and efforts to the research, conceptualization of products and solutions that match the needs of our Customers, by keeping in mind the following three basic directives:

  • Good Quality/Price Ration;
  • Easy and Quick Installation;
  • Safety and Comfortable for the User.

Our goal is to offer to our Customers a complete range of products and equipments that allows them to project and build an electrical installation, all with EFAPEL materials.


Where We Are

Located in Serpins, and just 30 Km away from Coimbra, we have a strategic in the Centre of Portugal, which allows us to deliver the orders of our Customers in an effective an quick way either to the North or to the South of the country.


Our Compromise with Our Customers


Our compromise with our Customer is based on three pillars that have always ruled the EFAPEL´s Policy: the Product (to always develop and manufacture Quality products that match the needs and expectations of our Customers), the Service (to serve our Customer in the most effective and quick way), and the Best Quality/Price Ratio.

In this way, we preted to be recognized by our competitiveness, confiability of our products and  the efficiency of the service we give to our Customers.