IT Equipment leasing

IT Equipment leasing - a good alternative to credit your business.

How to buy computers, printers and server hardware, if finances are limited?

Leasing - is almost a form of credit.

But the main difference lease from the loan is that the purchased equipment is owned by the Lessor during the term of the financing of the contract.

Leasing is useful when you do not have the possibility to purchase the equipment at full price. You get the equipment by making a down payment of 20% of the cost. The rest of you are paying for 5 years



  • No pledge is required,
  • Premature redemption opportunity without fines and penalties,
  • Annual Interest Rate reduction by 0.5 % after the first and each following year of the lease contract validity period,
  • Lease service coverage in all regions of the Republic of Armenia,


 Accounting and tax priorities:

  • Property purchase, transportation, cargo insurance, custom clearance work support and inclusion in lease contract,
  • VAT (included in the property value) Offset Opportunity,
  • Deferred VAT lease opportunity,
  • Amortization opportunity throughout the whole validity period of the contract,
  • Monthly Interest Deduction.


Required documents:

  • Copies of the passports or identification cards of the director and shareholders,
  • Copies of the company foundation documents,
  • Proforma Invoice issued by the supplier,
  • Copy (ies) of the passport (s) or identification card(s) of the guarantor(s),
  • Other required documents.


The terms of leasing are here

Your personal manager of our company are ready to provide customer support in the choice of equipment, establishing relations with leasing company and registration of necessary documents.