Электроустановочные изделия производства португальсокой компании Efapel.

We are happy to announce that Lanar Service has started to offer wiring accessories produced by Portuguese company Efapel. Our products in this category are distinguished by high reliability and competitive prices.


MEC 21 Series

  47 Series

Developed and manufactured with top technology and modern materials,the MEC 21 Series is composed by 108 main functions that allowexecuting electrical installations guaranteeing quality, functionality, fastinstallation and security. The mechanisms MEC 21 were designed to allow the installation of all the Flush-Mounting Series of EFAPEL.


The 47 Series provides a harmonic solution for a wide variety of uses inhouses, offices, schools, laboratories and public buildings. It has 38 functions and can be used together with the system of cabletrunkingsof EFAPEL 10 Series. The 47 Series has accessories that allow the horizontal, vertical and lateralmounting besides the cable-trunkings, ensuring a simple solution with agood finishing.

Logus 90

  QUADRO 45 Series

The LOGUS 90 Series is synonym of a timeless design and exclusive materials. The modern spirit of the “Top Series” of EFAPEL inspires the creation of unique and innovative spaces. Let your imagination flow with its wide range of colours: White, Ivory, Ice, Pearl, Aluminium and Gray, and with the frames made with real and noble materials: Crystal, Metal, Wood and Stone.


The QUADRO 45 Series is a simple and practical option for the installationof electrical products in Technical Trunkings. The Series has a range of products on the square format of 45x45mm andits various adapters allow their easy installation in the cable-trunkings ofthe 10 and 16 Series of EFAPEL.

Logus 90 ANIMATO 

  Data, Voice and Image - DVI Series

ANIMATO is  a new line of the family of the popular series of wiring accessories Logus 90. 14 new colors. The unusual combination of strict forms and cheerful colors. ANIMATO offers single, double, triple and quadruple frames. Due to the symmetry of its scope it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.


With the DVI Series, EFAPEL offers a set of products capable of responding to the solicitations imposed by the telecommunications installations of homes and offices. In the DVI Series, highlights the new RJ45 Category 5e and Category 6UTP Connectors.

Sirius 70

  48 WATERPROOF Series

fapel Sirius 70 series is characterized by simple and clean lines. The combination of neutral color keys with the gloss of metal, the warmth of wood or sensuality of pastel colours makes Sirius 70 series an ideal choice for personal and innovative rooms.


The "all-terrain" of EFAPEL is the right choice to do electrical installationsin wet and dusty environments. Endowed with a protection index of IP65 and produced with thermoplasticswith high resistance to weathering, the 48 WATERPROOF Series states asthe best solution for installations in industrial areas, garages or gardens.

Apolo 5000


APOLO 5000 - it's straight lines and elegant shapes, simple and modern design that will never become obsolete. High-quality, scratch-resistant, UV-protected inks, high-strength plastic will give a pleasant feeling of softness to the touch surface.


The Jazz Light Surrounding Sound System has a wide range of products that allows to project and build all type of Surrounding Sound installations, going from the simplest systems (for houses) to the most complex (for buildings, offices and shopping areas).