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At LanAr Service, we're committed to delivering leading innovations and optimal solutions to our partners. As one of the oldest and most prominent Information Technology and Service providers, we offer a wide range of specialized solutions and services tailored to connect individuals with the right technologies.

Since our establishment in 2008, we've prioritized meeting our customers' needs by consistently offering advanced and innovative solutions to maximize benefits. Continuously evolving in the dynamic technology and services market, we're constantly expanding our scope and enhancing our offerings to provide our customers and partners with the best solutions possible. From designing and integrating the latest IT solutions to providing warranty and post-warranty services, LanAr Service excels in various domains such as virtual environments, cloud solutions, data centers, information security, IT services, structured cabling systems, and custom software development. Our dedicated team ensures that we lead the market year after year.

In addition to providing services, we also develop and produce our own products and software solutions, contributing to the advancement of domestic technology. As we continue to grow and expand our team, we're proud to announce that LanAr Service is now also available in Georgia.

With our finger on the pulse of global information technology trends, LanAr Service remains at the forefront of innovation, breaking boundaries and delivering excellence every day.

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